Hair Removal


A fast, effective and hygienic method of hair removal. For best results hair should be approximately ¼ inch long.


Strip Wax


Lip/Chin £7

Lip and Chin £13

Eyebrow £10

Basic Bikini (outside knicker line) £11

Underarm £11

½ Leg (lower leg underneath knee) £17.50

¾ Leg (just over knee) £22

Thigh £20

Full Leg £28

½ Leg and Basic Bikini £26

Full Leg and Basic Bikini £35

½ Leg and Underarm £26

Full Leg and Underarm £35

Forearm £13

Full Arm £18.50




Therapists are professionally trained by Kim Lawless who is the leading authority on waxing in the UK, and use the prestigious Perron Rigot wax products for the best results!


Hot Wax


Extended Bikini (just inside knicker line) £20

Brazilian* (leaving only a strip) £25

Hollywood* (Complete removal) £30

*Includes butt crack